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Experimentation strategists are professionals who work with experimentation to optimize their Web presence and efficacy, which in turn greatly contributes towards the corporate goals of the customer or partner.

Presented by Ellie Boesewetter | Experimentation Training Consultant  

*Please note that this course will run for 3 hours over 3 consecutive days, the same time every day.

Be prepared for a collaborative, interactive training where you will start with a use-case in the first session and then design, create, implement and build an experiment in a test site. Each session builds upon the last. The training ends with an exam preparation Q&A. 

Agenda is as follows:

Session 1:  Experiment Design (3 hours)

  • Use Case Presentation
  • Experimentation Methodology
  • Goals & Metrics
  • Ideation
  • Prioritization

Session 2:  Experiment Creation (3 hours)

  • Use Case Implementation
  • Experiment Types
  • Create Experiment Components
  • Design Experiment
  • Run Experiment
  • Results

Session 3:  Experiment Implementation (3 hours)

  • Administering Experimentation
  • Team Structures & Road mapping
  • Governance & Communication
  • Putting it all together
  • Exam Prep Q&A