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Experimentation web platform experts are the professionals responsible for taking information from the Experimentation Strategist and using this information to implement and manage the experiment in the platform using best practices.

Scheduled course
7 hours, split over 3 days

Presented by Bruce Gordon | Technical Trainer

*Please note that this course will run over 3 consecutive days and start at the same time every day. The first session is 3 hours long and sessions 2 & 3 are 2 hours in length.

Be prepared for a collaborative, interactive training course where you will start with the fundamentals of the Optimizely Web Platform and move on to more advanced topics about configuration and implementation. The training ends with an exam preparation Q&A.

The agenda is as follows:

Session 1:  Fundamentals (3 hours)

  • Define the core experiment components (Pages, Events, and Audiences)
  • Build an experiment
  • Create variations using the visual and code editor
  • QA experiments
  • Read the Optimizely results page
  • Hands-on exercise

Session 2:  Advanced for Developers (2 hours)

  • Configure Implementation Components (through advanced methods)
  • Create Custom Snippets
  • Custom Audiences
  • Create experiments using Custom Code, Optimizely’s JavaScript API and other advanced techniques
  • QA Experiments through advanced methods

Session 3:  Certification Exam Prep Q&A  (2 hours)

  • General Platform Setup
  • Managing Experiments
  • Experiment Components
  • Troubleshooting & QA