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With Optimizely’s Customer Training Subscriptions, we provide your team with a year of unlimited access to a comprehensive suite of learning resources and support. Harness the power of continuous learning, engage with peers in the community, and ensure every member of your team can deliver sophisticated digital experiences. Currently, we offer Customer Training Subscriptions for the following products:

  • Customized Commerce (B2C)
  • Configured Commerce (B2B)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Content Marketing Platform (CMP)
  • Web Experimentation

Customer Training Subscriptions are meant for teams and groups. To purchase individual seats of training, please see our Purchase, Redeem & View Access Passes user guide.

Key benefits

Our ambition is simple: to make software adoption effortless. From new recruits to digital veterans, our Customer Training Subscriptions are designed to ensure everyone remains updated, skilled, and confident in leveraging the Optimizely platform.

Accelerated go-live readiness

Prepare your team for seamless software adoption. Augment your onboarding with a customized, organization-wide training plan and track its progress to further boost readiness and reduce your organizational effort.

Scalable learning

As your team expands and your digital maturity evolves, our training grows with you. Continuous access means your team can always find the training they need, revisiting courses as necessary and even advancing their professional growth.

Continuous feature updates

Our software evolves, and so should your skills. We ensure you’re always ahead of the curve, offering training on new features and functionalities as they roll out.

Included services

With our Customer Training Subscriptions, you gain access to a multifaceted approach that combines in-depth content with invaluable peer interactions and expert insights. Here's what's included:

eLearning content

Continual and unrestricted access to our comprehensive eLearning library, ensuring your team remains updated with the latest information about our products and features.

Instructor-led sessions

Open invitations to instructor-led sessions, conducted by seasoned Optimizely experts, offering deep dives into product features, hands-on workshops, and real-world application scenarios.

Office hours

Exclusive opportunities to join our Office Hours—interactive sessions where you can meet, consult, and problem-solve with our expert trainers, ensuring you get the most out of your Optimizely experience.

Social learning environment

Dive into our collaborative learning community, offering you the chance to engage, interact, and exchange insights with fellow learners.

Tailored training & reporting

Collaborative sessions to craft a training blueprint tailored to your organization's unique needs, coupled with detailed reporting to track progress, assess effectiveness, and refine strategies for optimal results.

Experience the difference with Optimizely Education

We are here to inspire and motivate your professionals, ensuring every team member grows with our software solutions every single day. For more details or to subscribe, contact our team at

Engage with us. Empower your team. Elevate your business.