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This masterclass will help you understand how to integrate Optimizely Commerce (Configured and Customized) with Optimizely PIM. It will provide guidance and a checklist of integration steps for each of the Commerce platforms. It will show you the practical uniqueness and differences of when integrating Commerce with Optimizely PIM. As a Developer, you will learn the actual installation, configuration, integration, and recommendation of the Optimizely PIM connector when applied with which Optimizely Commerce platforms.


  • Introducing briefly the Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Learning where the integration step begins in PIM implementation
  • Integrating Optimizely Commerce (Configured and Customized) with Optimizely PIM
    • Understanding the Optimizely Commerce integration architectures
    • Reviewing and differentiating the Optimizely Commerce (Configured and Customized) data
    • Describing and showing the PIM integration steps
    • Learning the recommended practices with PIM job settings
    • Answering the PIM Connector updates-/version-related questions