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  • Masterclass - Next.js with Optimizely SaaS CMS

    Join our 90-minute "Masterclass: Next.js with Optimizely SaaS CMS" to gain an in-depth understanding of Vercel's cutting-edge frontend cloud platform. We will explore Vercel's managed infrastructure, developer experience (DX) platform, and its open-source frameworks. Discover the synergy between Vercel and...

    • Event
    • Duration 1.5h
  • Masterclass - SaaS CMS

    This masterclass is designed to cater to a diverse audience, from novice users to seasoned developers, providing a comprehensive overview of available features.

    • Duration 1.5h
  • Masterclass - Integrating Commerce with Optimizely PIM

    This masterclass will help you understand how to integrate Optimizely Commerce (Configured and Customized) with Optimizely PIM. It will provide guidance and a checklist of integration steps for each of the Commerce platforms. It will show you the practical uniqueness...

    • Duration 1.2h