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I need help, what do I do?


How do I access my courses?

Select "All Topics" from the Topic menu in the top-right to browse course topics you have access to.

What's going on with the product names? Did they change?

Some of our product names have changed, but it's still the same, great functionality! Read more about our product name changes.

Using Academy

I am enrolled in a scheduled session. How do I change the date?

Go to the session page and select "Unenroll". You will then be able to enroll in another session.

How do I change my password?

Select your user icon in the top-right, select "My Profile", click "Edit Profile", and then "Change Password".


How do I earn badges?

At the end of every product knowledge path, you can earn your Explorer badge to show off what you know.

Can I retake badge assessments?

Yes. If you fail an assessment, you can close out of your results and click the "Retake" button. To access it again, just go to your profile icon in the top-right and select My profile, or to view all badge assessment attempts, select History instead.

Once you earn a badge, you can print or share it easily.

I want to purchase a certification exam attempt. How do I do that?

All information about Optimizely certifications can be found here