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As a merchandiser or eCommerce manager, your role is crucial in driving revenue and creating a positive customer experience on an eCommerce website. This Access Pass provides you with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in your role. For merchandisers, we offer best practices on how to display items effectively and use web-oriented tools to match the website's look and feel. For eCommerce managers, we cover both the technological and marketing aspects of creating digital experiences that increase traffic and revenue.

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Included content

This Access Pass provides you with user training related to Optimizely Configured Commerce. If you are new to our platform, you can follow our ready-made learning paths that will help you quickly get up to speed. You will expand your knowledge and tool belt, and be able to:

  • oversee and administer the product catalog
  • design, configure and maximize search settings and functionality to improve results for customers
  • create and implement email communications and promotions
  • operate and manage inventory and pricing strategies
  • improve and maintain your website
  • manage business system integrations
  • measure the success of website using report functionalities to monitor traffic, clicks, page hits, etc.

Included is also training on:

  • Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM)
  • dashboard and analytics
  • administration of users and groups
  • troubleshooting

Office hours

Sometimes it's nice to have a helping hand to guide you. Included in your package are open office hours, where you can meet our expert product trainers and ask questions about how to use our products on a weekly basis.

Instructor-led session

We all learn differently. Should you prefer instructor-led sessions over self-paced eLearning, you can chose to enroll in virtual classroom courses and webinars without any extra cost.


We recommend having basic computer skills and text editing experience, and being comfortable with using the internet. The core learning path takes approximately 6 hours to complete.

Optimizely Academy Access Pass

Introducing our Access Pass, the prime learning solution for Optimizely products. With a one-year access to Optimizely Academy's comprehensive learning material, learners can sharpen their skills and take advantage of our digital platform's cutting-edge enhancements. This includes eLearning, exercises, interactive office hours with expert trainers, and invites to exclusive instructor-led sessions and events. Access to the latest updates and new content releases ensures that learners stay ahead of the curve. Whether you're interested in learning about Optimizely's products or seeking to enhance your digital expertise, Optimizely Academy has everything you need to succeed.


The Access Pass is personal to the user and non-transferrable.