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This masterclass is designed to cater to a diverse audience, from novice users to seasoned developers, providing a comprehensive overview of available features.

Key Highlights:

  1. Knowledge Share: Introduction to what Optimizely SaaS Core is, why it was needed and how it differs from PaaS CMS. Following on from this learn about the different architectural approaches delving into the Headless and Hybrid Headless conundrum.
  2. User Interface Showcase: Explore the intuitive user interface tailored for various user roles. Learn how to navigate through the platform and easily be able to find and create the things that are important to you.
  3. Content Modelling and Creation: Learn how the content model creation is now in your hands and how this can be achieved directly within the CMS to drive flexibility and efficiencies.
  4. Optimizely Graph: Step into the realm of GraphQL with Optimizely Graph. Discover how to construct GraphQL queries to fetch data tailored to your content type requirements.
  5. Headless Frontend: Lets connect a decoupled front end to our SaaS CMS using NextJS and see how easy it is not only render the content but able to update and see a full preview of it within the CMS.
  6. Advanced Concepts: Elevate your understanding with advanced concepts such as API Clients setup. Explore the possibilities of programmatically defining and creating content, unlocking a world of automation and efficiency.
  7. Hosting: Learn how simple it is to deploy out the frontend to a hosting platform and setup up the environment variables to connect to your SaaS CMS Instance.